Frio Bat Cave

There is a lot to enjoy in western, rural Texas. While the typical outdoor activities (fishing, hiking, biking) are possible for any avid explorer of the desert plains, there are some magical and unique experiences you can only find near our Utopia.

Frio Bat Cave is one of the best attractions in the area. Every night, millions of the small creatures fly out of their cave to go hunting for the night. You'll have enough light outside to snap a few pictures of this amazing moment, and you can ask their experienced tour guides any questions about the flying residents.

With this guide, we will answer any questions that you have so you can better prepare for your Texas vacation.
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Frio Bat Cave Tours

This is one of the largest bat caves that is open to public viewing! The tour runs from March through September. While you can't go inside the cave, you'll be able to learn about its history from your tour guides.

What kinds of bats live in Frio?

There are 10 to 12 million Mexican Free Tailed Bats that live in Concan.

How much does a Bat Cave Tour cost?

Prices for Scheduled Tours:
General Admission: $12
Children (ages 5-10): $10
Infants (ages 4 and under): FREE
Seniors: $11
Military & First Responders: May receive discounts

Prices for Custom Tours:
A custom bat tour is available for 10 people at $12 a piece. If you don't have 10 people in your party, the price for your ticket will be higher.

How long is the tour?

The tour will last for three hours. When you first arrive at the viewing spot, you won't see bats flying just yet. It likely won't be until 5:30PM or even 6 before you see a black cloud of the flying furs.

Do bats have natural predators nearby?

While the bat flight is magical, you might also see some bat predators waiting to grab a bite to eat. On the ground entrance to the cave, you might see ringed-tail cats and skunks.

By air, you'll see birds of prey lurking, soaring, and plunging to grasp a bat in their talons. Keep an eye out for peregrine falcons, Harris hawks, and kestrels.

What if the bats don't fly?

If the bats decide not to fly when you visit, you'll be allowed to come to a different tour for free. You may receive a refund if the timing doesn't work out.

Map of the Cave

Click here for a map of the cave area.


How do I reserve a tour?

Those wanting to reserve a tour should call in at 888-502-9387. We can tell you when to expect a bat flight.

What rules should I be aware of when visiting?

Do not make loud noises or scream.
No smoking, guns, slingshots, or fireworks.
No alcohol or drugs.
Don't throw rocks!
Don't attempt to harm, touch, or pick up the bats.
Stay outside of the designated areas. They protect historical areas and research centers.
Do not enter the cave.

Are dogs allowed at the Frio Bat Cave?

Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed at the bat tours. Bats love silence, so a loud or shy dog may prevent the flight from occurring. If you must bring your dog to the tour area, talk to the guides and they can make arrangements to take care of your dog.
Hopefully with this guide, you have learned the basics of the Frio Bat Flight Tour. It's a must-do for everyone staying at the Castlerock Ranch and Resort. Come to Concan for this magical flight. You will not regret it.

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